The Northland Region

The area we call the Northland borders the western tip of Lake Superior.  Our population is 369,404, with skilled workers who have demonstrated high productivity and low turnover. The region includes the port cities of Duluth and Superior, Minnesota's Iron Range, and shoreline communities along Lake Superior in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

We are located in the center of North America with direct and competitive access to U.S., Canadian, and global markets.  We have an inland seaport, four Class I rail hubs, three international airports, and access to the national interstate system.

Our education and industry resources are exceptional. Our economy is stable, with a diverse industry mix, surging investment in the Duluth-Superior metropolitan area, and emerging opportunities for growth in all corners of ther region.

Our utility providers are expert in accommodating large consumers of power, natural gas, steam, and water. We're connected to global and national networks with fiber optics and wireless services, redundancy, and an expanding rural broadband support network.

Our two integrated healthcare systems deliver a continuum of convenient, highly personalized care, from family medicine to specialty services.

And with ample water, clean air, timber, and deposits of ferrous and non-ferrous minerals, our abundant natural resources are second to none.

There just aren't enough adjectives to describe our quality of life. We invite you to explore our resources with Northland Connection and come see everything we have to offer.