Located on the Minnesota side of the harbor, the Duluth Seaway Port Authority is responsible for generating trade opportunities, advancing regional industrial development, and advocating for maritime industry interests in Duluth, Superior, and around the world. The Port Authority also oversees a two-phase, 365-acre industrial park called Airpark just east of the Duluth International Airport. Airpark features 40 private companies operating with about 700 employees, primarily in light manufacturing facilities.

The Port Authority facilitates Duluth Cargo Connect, a working partnership between the Port Authority and Lake Superior Warehousing. They provide seamless cargo handling, storage, distribution, and transportation logistics services for breakbulk, heavy lift, and other cargoes moving through the Port. Lake Superior Warehousing has operated the terminal and warehouses under contract with the Port Authority since 1991.

Duluth Cargo Connect and CN partner to operate an intermodal facility at the Clure Marine Terminal in Duluth.

Duluth Seaway Port Authority



Duluth, Superior



 River, Lake or Ocean

Lake Superior


March - January

 Channel Depth

27 feet

 Turning Basin


 General Cargo Facilities


 Containerized Facilities


 Barging Facilities

Yes, plus integrated tug barges

 Storage Facilities


 Crane Capacity

Two 81 metric ton mounted gantry cranes, with a tandem capacity of 120 metric tons; additional crane capacity as required

 Highways Serving Port

Interstate 35; U.S. Hwy 2; U.S. Hwy 53

 Railways Serving Port


 Foreign Trade Zone





Duluth Seaway Port Authority