Quality of Place

The Northland is an attractive place to build or grow a business. It’s strategically located in the center of North America, with access to Great Circle air routes between Europe and the western United States. With a world-class port in Duluth and Superior, the region has access to U.S., Canadian, and global markets.
A diverse industry mix provides a stable economy. The Northland's quality educational system and low turnover contribute to a proficient, reliable workforce. It’s those productive workers who help our growing companies achieve profitability.
The Northland produces world-class large equipment. Its healthcare is vibrant and features the latest procedures and technologies. Broadband crisscrosses the landscape. Natural resources are abundant, but also managed in an environmentally friendly way.
What gives this area the level of quality is its people. We are hard-working and loyal. We lead active lives and play outdoors in all seasons. We like to kayak, mountain bike, climb, and ski. We have a thriving arts community equivalent to that of much larger regions. The Northland means adventure. It means opportunity. It means a quality of place that is second to none.