The energy industry can trace its regional origins to the late 1880s, when several small electric utilities formed to serve lumber and shipping businesses. Today the Northland is home to a petroleum refinery and an oil pipeline, and has made significant investments in renewable energy.
The Port of Duluth-Superior transports products used to create energy throughout the nation. It handles more coal than any similar port in North America. It is also a hub for the transport of wind turbine components.
Investing in energy to fuel our natural resource-based economy ideally positions the Northland for new energy production, manufacturing, and servicing opportunities. A loyal, skilled workforce is a key asset with employee turnover in this sector at only 2.9 percent.

Utilities & Renewable Energy Providers:

Minnesota Power

Superior Water Light & Power

Great River Energy

Arrowhead Cooperative

Cooperative Light & Power

East Central Energy

Lake Country Power

Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative

North Itasca Electric Cooperative

Dahlberg Light & Power

Enbridge Energy